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Custom Canvas LLC - Hendersonville TN

Custom Canvas LLC began in 1995 as a small in-home business creating marine canvas items, including boat covers, bimni tops, splash curtains, etc.


Later on, based on customers' requests, the business expanded to include welded awning frames, canvas and vinyl awning covers and curtains, industrial tarps, vinyl screen porch enclosures and special fitted covers of all types. 

Custom Awning

Custom Canvas LLC now offers an unlimited line of special order items, including stationary awnings, boat and car covers and most any type of covers that can be made from canvas and vinyl materials. Every item sold by Custom Canvas LLC is made based on the customers' personal needs and specifications.


When you call Custom Canvas LLC, a professional will come to your business or home for a FREE on-site inspection, measurements and consultation with you to determine detailsof the final product design. Our Company Takes Pride in Every Product That Is Produced.  From The Small Boat Awning To A Entire Shopping Center Full Of Awnings.

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